Audi A2. The best car I've owned

I’ve been running Alison for ten years and almost 154,000 miles.:tada::tada::tada:

The reason why I chose the A2 was that they are technically interesting with an all aluminium body structure and panels, have mass produced mechanical components and are extremely economical in real world terms.:nerd_face:

Economy is excellent all year round. Can’t get less than 56 mpg. Best was 67mpg (and that was with a borked thermostat) although generally it hovers around 60mpg.

Comfort is very good too. The seats work for me despite no adjustable lumbar support. The ride quality is firm and the interior quiet at motorway speeds.

The interior has stood up to 21 years and almost 279,000 miles with minimal wear on the driver’s seat and ‘soft touch’ switches.

I realise that in some circles ‘Diesel’ is a dirty word, but I do believe it makes sense to run an older car and maintain it well.

Oh yeah. Maintenance. Apart from general servicing, the clutch was replaced at about 240,000 miles. Thw oil pump/ balancer shaft chain and tensioners were changed at the same time.

Clutch hydraulics were replaced after about 160,000 miles. The master cylinder failed just as I was parking up at home!

A thermostat was changed, and so were the front suspension control arms. Those of you who know someone with a Polo 9N, Skoda Fabia and other related cars check those hollow Control Arms for corrosion and holes!

That is pretty much it, really. Audi A2. A fucking brilliant car.

Collection mission on the 23rd of February 2014:

I was very emotional when we hit 200,000 miles…

And yesterday after a station run…