Audio Note ANS3L SUT

The arrival of my new SUT means my ANS3L is surplus to requirements. The SUT was delivered in May 2018 and is absolutely immaculate. It was purchased with my Io gold. The official price at the time of purchase was £2554.20. I can’t find any evidence of other recent sales so £1150 seems fair. I have all the original packaging and documentation.

Delivery costs are not included. Abbatoir Ambulance, meet up or collection from Settle are possible. I’m in Liverpool if you want a demo.

Edit 5% of the sale price will go to Jon if sold via AA.


What is your best price? Can you ship to Nigeria? I can pay by Western Union.


I came to this post because my eyesight has gone and I thought it said “ANAL SLUT”.

I hope this post helps your sale :+1:


As with the last piece of kit I sold, I’ll bung 10% of the sale price to Jon if it sells on here. I am happy to take offers to the asking price.

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Excuse the delayed response, I was overcome with mirth at the excessively funny nature of your post…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Read the ad you galloping numpty, or the new bit about close offers and 10% to running costs…:face_with_monocle:

Are you on holiday again you great lazy lump? :angry:

No! PayPal, BACs or the more traditional Allardyce are my accepted forms of payment. Anyway, no branch of Western Union would demean itself by letting you over the threshold.

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Are you first owner or you bought it second hand?

Hi Sagan. Welcome to the AA. I am the first owner.

Are the connectors on the back gold covered.

I don’t know. It is a standard ANS3L. Details of the various specifications are here:

The manual is here:

Can you please upload one more image only of the connectors. As far as I know Audio Note use only silver plated connectors.

They definitely are not gold.

Feckin bump!!

5% of the sale price will go to Jon if sold via AA.

Can you post a picture of the item next to a newspaper clearly showing today’s date, a lime green dildo (size unimportant), a jar of glace cherries, and a set of those wind-up chattering teeth?



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Will u trade for brownies?

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Either pay the feckin’ money, come up with something funny (especially @coco who’s effort at humour was basically weak arse gravy) or feck off out of it lads.

You too Prof. Feck all the way to off with that laboured effort.

Alternatively, bump!

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