Audio Note arm VTA?

Could do with a bit of help from past/ present owners of AN arms. I’m aware that VTA is supposed to be adjustable via the collar on the base of the arm, but mine seems absolutely stuck solid?

Am I missing something bleeding obvious? Is the locking nut underneath possibly wound too tight?

I think you rotate the collar to get the right arm height then tighten the lock nut.

Carefully remove the arm, then throw it away. Then replace with a Helius Orion or Tri-Planar. Job done. :smile:

loosen the locking nut underneath and then you can turn the height adjuster.

Okay, it’s attached to the deep plinth of my acoustic solid which is impossible to get my hand inside from underneath so looks like it’s an upside jobbie.

Is the Hana shallower than the Lyra & you need to drop the arm?

Yes. Or it wasn’t particularly parallel to begin with :blush:

Funny but unkind and if anyone is throwing one away I will catch it. Cheers

The AN, one of those arms where they really thought about VTA. Will one of those OL collars fit? They made life a whole lot easier with Regas.

Can you not just stick a spacer beteen headshell & cart?

Okay sorted. Closer inspection of the arm board revealed a little grub screw hidden in a recess. Wound it out and slid the mounting tube of the arm down a touch and there we are :thumbsup:


Only just seen this, so I’m glad you solved it! It’s a clever solution that makes VTA adjustments really easy.