Audio Note DAC 1.1

I’ve finally decided to leave the silver spinning discs behind and ordered a network streamer.

I’ll be keeping my CEC transport and running through the streamer’s digital input.

Therefore my trusty Audio Note 1.1 tube DAC is surplus to requirements.

I bought the DAC on the Wam years ago.
The seller said its a pre-production prototype of the 1.1 DAC. It’s been 100% reliable. It’s a veteran of a few Scalford shows.

The DAC has seen some upgrades by our very own Coco-san : Tantalum resistors, Jupiter Beeswax and Panasonic caps.

The unit has one single coax input.

It’s a lively and fun DAC to listen to. Detailed, tonally excellent, with a sparkling top end. For the money it’s a no-brainer imo.

Asking for £350 inc UK delivery.


Now sold