Audio Note M7 Phono Preamp

This is an early (1995’ish) Kondo made M7. Bought on a drunken whim and It had been butchered by some mad russian. Sent it to Simon who returned it to japanese glory.

It’s now a standard model with 6072a in the preamp and phono stage with original hand made silver caps and shinko resistors.

Managed to find a NOS ‘heart of muse’ cap and some AN Vsx silver cable so Simon restored it back to its original design. He also sorted out the hum (common problem with M7) by tidying everything up and doing a star earth with clean connections. The original TKD attenuator was replaced with the much nice Noble AP25.

Now has 2x Raytheon triple mica 6072A in the line stage (£400 inc VAT etc) and GE 5* in the phono.

Simon also built a step down from 240v to 220v to ensure that nothing is overloaded.

£7000 (no haggling)




Really sorry you’re having flog this mate. :frowning:

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fuck it, it’s only stuff

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


VERY nice indeed.


FFS, would love this. Will not work with the 9k input of the Najda though (I hope).
Really sorry you are having to sell, despite it only being stuff.

It is v v nice :ok_hand:
Lovely sounding thing

Nightmare Chris. Feel for you.

Heard pretty much every M7 on here, some of them several times, both in my system and the various owners’. So I know that I’d really like one.
Thing is, I want remote control, and I already have a top-notch LCR phono. :thinking:
So tempting, even though it would cause a huge overhaul of my set-up. :grimacing:

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I am sure, with all the technical expertise we have on this forum, adding a remote controlled motor to turn the pot, would be dead easy.

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Just do it :+1:

You know it is the right thing to do :grin:

You will get used to not having a remote volume control, and just enjoy the music

Btw i also checked and tweaked the riaa


Nope, I think the remote Pot is an Alps blue but it’s not a patch on the Noble :slight_smile:

Digital volume is a killer as it steals bits from the stream so loses quality.

Remote relay/resistor network with fancy resistors.

Be cool that would.

Very sad that you are selling this Chris.
It is a lovely thing
Advertise it in the right place and it will be gone in 24 hours.

Might do you some good to get off your arse once in a while :kissing_smiling_eyes:


True, both :rofl:

On that basis, yes please Chris, I’ll take it. :+1:

I’ll see how it goes…



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Great stuff, nice to keep it in the fam’ as it were


Took an hour to sell. We are slacking.