Audio show 2018

Pro: 5 minutes from my house.
Con: First trade exhibitor.
Pro: A452 will be an effective firebreak.


It’s about 1.5 hours from me, I’d like to go.

Not heard of that. Tempted to have a look!

exhibitors look a bit thin on the ground, although he NVA room may be worth a look, it could be enlightening.

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Pillock, I was going for subtle


You should know subtlety has no place on the Abattoir.:no_mouth:


If that’s the full list, they would have to pay me to attend.


Is this the old Whittlebury show, last year moved to Birmingham?

Audio note normally have a room on top floor, risk assessment may be needed.

How much would it take ? Whip round or full crowd funding ?

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This is full of win

Sorry, typo. I meant full of meh and fail so far.

On your wallet?

Axpona Show Chicago April 2018 Largest Audio Show in the States. 76 Exibiters starting with A!

Calendars having been sorted, I will actually be in Chester that weekend instead. As much as being in a small room with middle aged men of dubious hygiene while trying not to laugh at NVA is an obvious draw, taking KettleJnr to the zoo and seeing friends/family has won out this time.



My nose needs picking that weekend, so I’m out too

Yes seems it is , I hope to go