Audio Show Deluxe Whittlebury Hall March 23/24

Anyone going? Amongst the live acts I see they have Antonio Forcionie playing on the Sunday.


Did anybody get free tickets this year?

Don’t think anyone has bought a mahoosive horn system this year and it doesn’t look like Definitive are exhibiting!

Nope, not this year, looks like Munich only atm, but things could change :man_shrugging:

Seems to be a lot of UK shows this year, Bristol, London, Whittlebury, Holmes Chapel, Staverton, Ascot, and now Edinburgh in Nov

Sunday for me

Yes ! I just got a free pass from Hifi Sound near to me in Stockton on Tees …Planning on Sunday …

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Forgot all about it . Got other plans now.

I was wondering about it, but will be in Bristol instead. Boo, I say, boo!

I’d like to go, but not sure I’ll make it tbh.

The Boyer room sounds Ace

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It does sound incredible.

Dali/Luxman also excellent

Thought the Innuos room sounded good when i was in there.

Also the AIRT acoustic treatment room (below) The Avalon Precision Monitors sounded very good.

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Any good mugs or pens to be had? Don’t leave til you get the Dali one.

Didn’t see anything really bar the odd bag or two.

There was free beer in the room where Antonio Forcionie played which was nice plus an early spread of danish pastries.


Well worth the trip then.

Far better than stationery!

But stationery is forever :+1:

Did you make it to the AudioNote room Nick ?

Briefly. It was tiny couldn’t get much past the door tbh.

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Very Meh.
Boyer room by far the best sound at the show.

Antonio Forcionie can play a bit

Cold beer was very welcome.