Audio show leamington spa

next weekend is the audioshow in leamington spa , some interesting stuff there including some horning stuff i hope . worth a visit

and the new vivid audio speaker


Also Windsor soon

yes thats a brilliant show but bit of a trek for me and leamington bit nearer


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So after ending up in a vet exhibition thanks to my aging sat nav I finally made it . Very poorly signposted but absolutely worth going to. Car park very full and loads of stuff worth hearing. Kerr acoustics stuff was in several rooms and is good vfm and mighty fine. The horning Zeus were extremely good with Iain borthwick. He now calls himself willow tree audio .texture and presence in bucketloads. If I had room and 9k I would have ordered a pair.

Me and Kate went today. It was very quiet not very many people there.
The Malvern Audio room was interesting, a very eager to please system and none of it expensive, a very good real world HiFi.
The hornings were good but when we were in there the music was not to our taste so I was a bit underwhelmed I know they can be better.
Art Audio room was good but I think a better choice of speakers might have helped, they were a bit big for the small room.
There were a lot of middle of the road rooms that had nothing to tell them apart from each other.
Then there was the AudioNec room, which sonically was stunning, every sound was so real and right there is the room. Unfortunately it was £250,000 and the ugliest speakers and boxes I’ve ever seen.
Anyway brought a few pictures back to pop of the forum.



No NVA room? Or was it closed for safety reasons?


There was an NVA room but I felt it best not to mention it.

BTW Nagra R2R in MFA room was fantastic both visually and sonically.

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Unfortunately I think that’s just the speakers

Shit ! Really. And that ugly too.
Did sound good though

I went yesterday and the AudioNec room made it worthwhile. The owner / designer was there and a really nice guy. They were playing standard cd rips and it was jaw dropping. 240k euros for the speakers, they were fugly but who cares.

Someone was selling what looked like Pokémon battle discs to put under your kit for £50 a set.

yes they had a 3k system and a 600 pound system . never spoken to RD before and never seen their stuff in the flesh . not too bad sounding but can`t quite get the upward sounding speakers