Avr total garbage

Got myself an arcam AVR550 off av forum thinking it might improve my life, it sounds decent on Spotify but not great, everything else is a nightmare to try and get to work seamlessly with the tv

Are they all this poor as interface or do I need to do some googling or get a pro in to set it up?

Given the very limited experiences I’ve had trying to get our telly to talk to different boxes, were I upgrading anything now I’d buy brand-matching components rather than trying to be clever: e.g. our Sony telly works seamlessly with other Sony kit, but was an absolute cunt to setup with everything else. Sure it’s deliberate.

I’m just glad I got it second hand as it would have gone back by now if it was new

Took me 5 hours just to get a sound out of it

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Pretty sure mine is an avr550, was a doddle to get working.

It may be that I am a total fuckwwit then

Just out of interest is it possible to get one box to control everything

I was impresssed that I got Spotify working but telly is a mystery to me

I use a Logitech harmony but they are now defunct. No idea if there are any good alternatives.

I switched a cable over on my Rotel AV amp earlier this week. It took me 3 days to get the sound back.


Given how much some of this stuff costs it’s hard to believe the interface hasn’t been simplified

Arcam don’t do a telly so will have to persevere

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Just ditch the fucker and put a record on :+1:

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The AV fan bois love unfathomable over complication.


Another faff day and it’s better now

Need to fathom something called Dirac next but I can get the spund through the abr now and it’s a lot better than my telly speaker

New sub next and a centre after that

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Looking at heco

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