Azimuth problem

My azimuth is a fucking mile out. I can’t see anyway to adjust it, Micro Seiki arm. Any ideas?

PS Anyone know what the little plastic collar is for?

Just use the usual tools…


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Is there a screw underneath the arm by the collar?

Bingo! Thanks Stu.

I think there should be a minimum IQ requirement to own a turntable. Just saying.


Well you’ve got one :joy:

J_B has a a QI requirement.
He normally scores more than Alan Davies


Cuntz all of you :rage:

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You’re in denial :v:

You need a bum in your life for azimuth or the 70s/80s jazz funketeers

Just remember to push up your sleeves…

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I’ve done it Stu, thanks mate, I’m glad there are some sensible people here :crazy_face: Tiny screw hands and knees (fnarr, fnarr) but sounds so much better, veils lifted, night and day etc. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You can push your sleeves where the sun don’t shine matey, shouldn’t you be singeing some roadkill or summat? :zipper_mouth_face:


I bought one of these little rachets to undo a screw where the tonearm wouldn’t lift very high

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Mmmm… screwdriver you say? :thinking:

It’s a really tiny slotted screw, so small that I had to file down a screwdriver that came with a cartridge, sad.

VTA looks high.