B & O A8 earphone repair

Hi . I’m hoping that a wonder wizard on here can repair my Earphones …The problem lies at the 3.5 connector end
I had a repair done but it’s broken down due to the fact that a 3.5 plug was used and not an ordinary connector .See pic 1 and it wants replacing with something like this see pic 2.I think there is a break in the wire at the blue bit …
.I have wireless ones but they seem to fall out…these B & O ones are perfect for me …I’ll pay for the repair etc …Thanks in Anticipation…

What do you think is different, between the two plugs? They are both 3.5 mm plugs.

The pic 1 moves about …and I have a habit of wrapping them around the music player which in turn I think has possibly frayed the inner wire…if I wriggle the wire then sound does come back on but goes off when moved again

The top connector or splice, can be repaired, easily.
Anyone who has a soldering iron can do it.
I am sure you can find someone close to you, but, if not, I will be happy to do it for you.

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