Backwards Playing Record

Saw that a few days back. Makes sense the way he explains it.

Ha, I knew my bottom platter would come in handy at some point :wink:


There is no way your bottom would ever come in handy

Unless you need a wasp hive fumigating

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Fucking hell that blokes got an annoying voice.

i wouldn’t do it for free though, I’ve been stung like that before :stuck_out_tongue:


Beehive yourself!

I would’ve swarm that you hadn’t.

no, I’ve just combed the record honey, i deffo have…

Trust you to wax lyrical about it. Now buzz off.

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Shh… mods’ll be making a beeline for this thread…

A mod’s bee n involved, so we’ll be alright

You’re just winging it now…

Tenuous, at best !

Gossamer thin…

You seem skep-tical…

We’ve done bees anyway, so you’re all just droning on…

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Very technical now but clever. Bravo !

Are you suggesting we’re has-bee-ns?