Bake off in Devon.....hopefully

When ? - hopefully begining of December on a Saturday.

How many people will you get in that smallish room? - 8 tops.

What time does it start? - 10ish

What time does it finish? 5pm.

Can i stay overnight? - no

Will there be mince pies and clotted cream? - yes

If i can’t sort one out for Dec,i’ll sort one out for Feb.

JB ( Maybe )


It’s been a while, beginning of Dec is good for me Stu, count me in

Will do john,
Will update as soon as i know that Dec is ok.


Dress code / CV requirement?

can I come ?

Easter rabbit fancy dress to confuse the neighbours

The slippers ruin the look.

Not as much as the pretend beard chin :smile:

I like that. It’d tickle me bollocks.

You are just wrong. :joy:


It’s all that Lycra, gone to his head :grinning:
That or too much chafing cream

Why did you wear them then?

If anyone turns up like this,they will get extra mince pies.

Winner winner mince pie dinner

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Have you tried walking in stilletos?

Extra clotted ?

The cankles get in the way these days.

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Got her number?

Sadly not