Bake off near Preston

Hi all,

since the Wam seems all bar dead, I thought I’d post on here and see if anyone fancies visiting on Sat 2nd December. Usual format is bring snacks, and we’ll get a curry from the local indian for tea. 10am ish start, 8pm ish finish. No overnights i’m afraid. A few of you have been before so can vouch for the food if not the company…

Kit is the same as it’s been for ages - Rega TT, Teac CD/DAC, streaming, SS and valve power amps and the Tannoys…



Hi Paul, welcome aboard.

I might well be up for this. Please put me on your list.

will do, it’s Olan isn’t it?

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yep, thanks again.

Welcome aboard mate.

It’s really nice here, though I’m not that fussy tbh, so best ignore what I say :slight_smile:

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Welcome dude :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been lurking for a while. I know many of you from the Wam… and I’m still here :sunglasses:

Most of us do :grin:

Welcome aboard Paul :+1:

True dat … I hate this place; bullies, all of ya.


no need to edit on my account :wink:

Nor mine :grin:

but, but, fuck it, it’s a fair cop :smiley:

cunt !

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Welcome Paul.

I’d love to be able to get to another of your bakeoffs but I’m tied up that weekend. :frowning:

and it’s not HiFi Wigwam anymore, it’s Hifi Global. Just sayin’ :smiley:


Oh fuck off…

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Harsh, but fair.

Not you as well? It is history. Move on please…

I can’t help being slow.