Bake off on de moors

Toying of having one mid to end of April

Thinking of moving the speakers on,so would be looking for a bring your speakers so i can try them out type do.

Would be between 10 and 5 as i can’t bribe the family to go out longer.

If any interest let me know and what speakers if any you have that maybe of interest

room for 7 ish

I can bring a 16A :rofl:


I would be interested in coming please - I do have a pair of Impulse H6 I could bring if you want.

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Much as that sounds very tempting, I don’t think you would want my speakers and even if you did, getting them in my hand luggage would be a bit of a challenge.

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Keen, kids permitting. I can bring Schumann, we can heal Devon

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Can send Donna to yours to babysit

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Nothing is set in stone re the speakers,the options i have are sell the the coral mids and tweeters xovers and lecleach horn and buy 15" tannoys with the money,use the bass cabs to make grfs or sell the lot and use 2/3rds,of the money hopefully a grand on some smaller 2nd hand jobbies,of course if nothing sounds close to them,it won’t happen


Interested but only have more horns or Event Opal active to bring. I dont think either is what you want!

Is this just wanting to downsize, free up some dosh, or just a change for change’s sake? I think your speakers will probably wipe the floor with pretty much everything, let alone “come close”, so the whole idea may be iffy! I do get the idea of change/simplification. My speakers get on my tits quite a lot for reasons various and sometimes I crave an amp and some boxes for ease but then I turn it all on and realise that anything less would be a disappointment…

Good feedback, forum strapline, irrefutable truth.

As an opportunity for talking shite, whilst being shagged stupid by Patch, eating clotted cream with various baked goods and listening to tunes though, it has merit!

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Sort of,as the kids have got bigger the room feels smaller,i’ve tried not feeding them,but to no avail.
Cash is always good,but a few hundred quid will soon get lost on bills so fuck it,i think they stay.

Would still be nice to hear some others here if anyone could be arsed to bring some


What you have is way better than Tannoys will ever be


Yes,i had taanoys just before these
I liked them,but these are far better

Maybe you could shrink them? Keep the mids and highs, get a couple of small subs and something to do 100-400 or whatever? Then you could sell the drivers and boxes. Seems a bit contrived though.

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The truth is that the kids will bugger off soon leaving you with a big room and cat coffins.


Sooner if he borrows some records off @MGOwner


Or later if they decide to wait until one of them ends.



It’d be quite selfish of you to get rid of them. I always show Mrs Pilgrim to be ,you’re speakers when she shows any sort of dissatisfaction in any speakers I’m hoping to buy. If you had something sensible I’d be stuffed !


I thought you had some AN-Es just before these?

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Yes for a few months along with some tannoy yorks