Bands that declined after a member left

Ok, bands that, in your opinion, declined after someone left/died/got sacked etc

I’ll start with

AC/DC - Bonn Scott
Fleetwood Mac - Peter Green,
Genesis - Peter Gabriel

You get the gist, who are your nominations?

The stranglers 1990 when hugh cornwell left
Pil when wobble and levene went.


Lindistarne after James Alan Hull 1945-1995

R.E.M. - Bill Berry

Declined ? Or just changed ?


The clue is in the title :blush:

Wikipedia says:

Hot Chocolate are a British soul band popular during the 1970s and 1980s …

So, just to be clear, they are a band who were popular …

We saw them back in the 1990s (when Vodafone used to throw parties) and there was a great big Errol-Brown-shaped hole on stage.


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Not sure about Fleetwood Mac, but then the lineup hanged so much that they are really two different bands

Or possibly a small hole, he was tiny! Well, apart from the bit below the waist, allegedly :blush:

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I’ll defer to your deeper knowledge Paul :grin: !



Hahaha, I saw them avec Errol in the eighties, they were very good!

Joy Division - Ian Curtis (well he did leave)
New Order - Peter Hook (although this was 15 years after the rot set in)
Echo and the Bunnymen - Pete De Freitas
Sisters of Mercy - Gary Marx
Spiritualized - Will Carruthers
Kraftwerk - Florian Schneider

Manics post Richie.

Deep Purple post Blackmore

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I’d argue that Fleetwood Mac and Genesis were far more successful in terms of record sales post Peter.

Pink Floyd post Roger Waters were nowhere near as good IMHO.

The spice girls after ginger left.

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I refer to quality, not quantity.

Sales af records are not a guide, imo

Kraftwerk after Karl Bartos left.
Black Sabbath after Ozzy left the first time (well he was sacked).
Motorhead after Fast Eddie Clark left, became a paraody of Motorhead
Van Halen after the gobshite Dave Lee Roth left
4-Skins after Gary Hodges left to be replaced by a hopeless guy
UFO after Michael Schenker left


Take That after Robbie left photo Bird.gif

photo getmecoat.gif


Bros after the drummer left, shite they were after that