BBQing Diary

Was chatting with Ritchie at his bakeoff and decided we needed a dedicated BBQ topic.

Need some advice today: I’m roasting a pork leg joint for which I have thrown together a asian-y barbecue glaze.

I’m going to cook it over indirect heat for 2-2.5 hours, but do I need to give it a few minutes over direct first, and crackling side down for those first few minutes or not?

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Ready for tomorrow. No idea on the pork…


That’s not a fucking BBQ


Sorry, forgot to mention only real bbq talk accepted in this thread. :smiley:


Nice outdoor stove. Now where’s your BBQ?

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I’d say with pork leg cook it for a bit longer at a lower temp and then grill the crackling to get it crispy, high quick heat is the enemy of pork.

4 hours at 150c should be ok for leg.

Google charcoal snaking to keep the temp right and going for that amount of time.

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if you don’t have the time to do 4hrs you can keep it moist* by putting a tin of water/beer etc underneath it while cooking.

** not the penance type.

Yeah, that the config I have. Foil tray with water in the middle, joint over the top and coals either side.

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Although the seal the meat idea works well for indoor cooking on a barbie ramping the temperature down quickly to an exact temperature is all but impossible.

Hopefully the meat has been out of the fridge for an hour or so to get to room temp

Indirect cooking at a constant as possible low temp around 115c is much much easier,
depending on size it should take around 1- 1/2 hours per pound -It’s ready when internal temp is 65c

You are of course, quite right - that pictured item is most definitely not a barbecue.

However, it’s exactly the same as the one we have and it’s bloody brilliant.


Get yourself a thermapen

Super things.

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That is the safest Safety BBQ I’ve seen in a while, sited as it is on on a safety patio with a gravel trap in case the BBQ runs out of control while a particularly difficult sausage is being singed.


The Stayan SafetyGuru would approve.


Have you wet or dry rubbed it Mark ?

If dry then the initial burst of heat (until the kettle temp stabilises will be fine to get the cracking started. If wet, then half hour before the end, cut off the rind and grill separately.

I would also recommend adding damp Apple Wood to the coals (not briquettes). The subtle smoke will add great flavour.

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Great ideas, thanks. I has ze Apple.

Sometimes you even outcunt yourself :rage:

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(Bet you are measuring up for a safety patio and gravel trap already)


Already built the gravel trap :smirk:


Bought an Astra?

I’ve fitted a thermometer to our basic Webber (that will be replaced next year) its always at least twice that heat. Is it simple a case of using less coals to keep the temp down? Or does one partially lift the lid? I really struggle to regulate the temperature hence only cooking bbq basics. I’d like to progress on to joints of meat

Need a new bbq. I was impressed with the (basic?) Weber that Guy took to Lopwell.

Any others I need to be looking at?