BBQing tips (outside gas ovens: do one)


searing from the inside out?

you got a water bath? sous vide?


Not quite. :grinning:

So, instead of searing first, you cook through on the cool side of the BBQ for 10 mins or until the internal temp reaches 45°c. Then you sear to get the full Maillard effect last, to hopefully bring it up to 60° (medium rare) and give a nice flavourful crust. Can be adjusted to rare, bleu etc.


I have the smallest Weber, which is too small and I would like to get the Master Touch, since using @A_Touch_of_Cloth 's at a recent AA event. I’d go big!

Have just bought @Jim’s Smokey Mountain. I have it bad! Have been on the Barbie every weekend at least once since July. Have learned masses and having loads of fun. :+1:


I’ve done similar in a sous vide


I’d like to try one of those, reckon you could control temp better. I think you get a better sear if the meat is dry.


Defo do as @Wayward says; go big.

We replaced our aging Weber earlier this year with a Weber Master Touch Elite 57cm GBS…

I’ve seen it for right on £200. It has enough bits to keep a man happy for a while, but as Mark says, plenty of accessories available.

BTW, I still use the gas grill for laziness reasons (but I BBQ or grill several times a week - if meat needs cooking, it’s done outside).


I’m getting this. I haven’t cooked meat in the oven for ages. Everything is so much better tasting in a BBQ.


yes the temperature control is very good. The heater broke on ours and I gave the whole lot inc the vac machine to my brother.

shame as I really liked sous vide salmon


@FatCuntTroller chimney starter mandatory :+1:


Pineapple tenderising is a thing! Definitely works. I was in a bit of a rush, so not got pics at every stage. I sat the 3 steaks in about a quarter of a pineapple, which I had blitzed in the Nutri Bullet.

I left them for an hour, washed it off and patted them dry with kitchen roll. The meat loses a bit of it’s red colour and is definitely less firm. I seasoned with salt, black pepper and garlic powder and chucked them on the BBQ. They came up to 45° pretty quickly- probe thermometer a god send here! I then put them on the hot side over the coals and it’s here I think I can improve. It didn’t seem that I had quite enough heat- maybe the charcoal is a bit cheapo, or I didn’t quite have enough of it. I felt that I could have got them a bit darker on the outside. Anyway, I stopped when they got to 60° and rested them.

I will do it again; generally very pleased with the result, the meat was tender, which gives me a bit of confidence to use the butcher next time instead of Sainsbury’s.
Apologies for what looks like a pic of a half eaten meal! I actually hadn’t touched it here, just cut the steak in half. Sides were: creamed spinach, salsa verde, horse radish creme fraiche and German potatoes (sans bacon!)


Excellent! It looks like you could eat it with a spoon! It is 6:45am and I has the saliva…


Thanks for posting the original vid! It really works and doesn’t result in a pineappley tasting bit of meat. The pineapple was cheap and I only used a quarter of it, so plenty left for pizza :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now I have tried it on steak, I’m keen to know what it would do with other tough stuff like ribs etc. I don’t think meat can ever be too tender.

Gammon today, although I could have fucked it up already; I was supposed to soak it over night to get rid of the salt…


If I forget to soak gammon/ham for a long period, i usually put it in a pot and let the cold tap run continuously into the pot for an hour or two, turning the joint occasionally. Seems to de-salt quite well :+1:


That is pretty much what I’m doing! :grinning: :crossed_fingers: if I was doing it in the oven I’d boil it for a couple of hours first but that cooks it which defeats the purpose in this instance.


Yep, I find that gammon can overcook quite easily, becoming dry :grimacing: I use a probe and take it to about 65c with a long rest to make it nice and moist :ok_hand:


we put our gammon in to soak. Will cook later today for dinners on Monday and Tuesday. Leftovers will be pea and ham soup.

we do let it cool in the stock though.

We never glaze a gammon or finish it in the oven


Why not? A dark sugar glaze caramelised on top is the bollocks :heart_eyes:


I do, I tried the pineapple thing ruins the texture, that IMO is part and parcel of eating different cuts of meat.


too much sugar and unpleasant to eat


Nah, pineapple runs rings around other forms of tenderisation :wink: