Beautiful Things



How brave or mad do you have to be to do that!!! RIP Mr Brave.


Its just a really really wide angle lens :wink:


Absolutely awesome - I would love to do that before I pop my clogs. Mind you, I probably pop my clogs as they shoved me out the airlock but what a way to go.


At least no one will hear you scream!





Come on that’s not a beautiful thing :grinning:


Dido in zero atmosphere is about as good as it can be…


Yep. Dido, sounds recorded in a vacuum for your enhanced listening pleasure.


An ‘honesty’ cafe in the boatyard at Calstock. Go into the kitchen, make a pot of tea or coffee. Have a mince pie or piece of cake. Leave money on plate. Sit outside & enjoy.


Richmond river.


This was filmed around my town. Including the nearby Sutton Courtenay landfill site.



Where’s all the usual cunts?



He forgot to mention having his hand up a woman’s skirt though… :unamused:


Epic sun halo


Arguably one of the most striking and rare cats on the planet

Clouded Leopard


Jaguar cubs are equally beautiful, but still equally threatened by habitat destruction.


I want one of these

Although the sweet spot could be larger (I might get a visit from @Jim)