Beautiful Things



Two killers looking remarkably similar

Peregrine and B-2 Bomber


Cool. Nothing new in the world really.


Ah, the Kuba Komet. The radio section in the centre of the cabinet was made for Kuba by Telefunken I believe. By pure coincidence I returned a Blaupunkt Arkansas radiogram to its owner earlier today. Although Blaupunkt and Telefunken were completely different companies it seems the styling that was popular around 1960 in Germany drove both of them to make very similar looking products. Here’s a typical Blaupunkt radogram (the one I was working on was posher - it was a stereogram with a nicer record deck than this one)

The cabinet is much more traditional (and less lovely) than the Kuba’s but the radio is still wide and low with the main knobs either side of a backlit brown and gold scale and the functionality controlled by ‘piano key’ switches below it. I only hope the Kuba’s sound was better than the Blaupunkt’s …



I’ll bet the peregrine’s not so worried about its radar signature as the B-2 is :wink:.



Carved from a coconut


Solar progress through the year.


Useful way to illustrate analemma too - took me years to get my head around.


Anal Emma? Isn’t that Penance’s old squeeze?


I knew somone would run with that . . .


Sobriety you say :tumbler_glass:


Relative term, avowedly :+1:


This really is a beautiful thing


Physalis calyx protecting the fruit. Nature imitating art?


They are bloody gorgeous. Found them growing wild in West Papua and couldn’t stop eating them.


By Asahi Gyokuzan Imperial Court Artist and one of the most famous and influential carvers in Japan during the Meiji Period (1868-1912) The cosmetic box made of white paulownia wood, realised £192,000 at Bonhams in 2011.


A link I was shown on another place - the Mail actually being useful for once unbelieveably!

Some wonderful and truly evocative pictures in there. You know the actual purpose of the equipment is death and destruction, however that takes nothing away from the sheer beauty of it, in fact probably adds to it I guess? Anyway, have a brief browse.


link fail


Apologies, let’s see if the 2nd attempt works?