Beautiful Things


Was utterly transfixed with this butterfly in the Oceanografic Valencia - absolutely astonishing camouflage


A fantastic image, but perhaps the last one you might ever see



What type of tigger is that?


Watched a documentary about a the search for the Caucasian leopard (aka Persian Leopard) in Azerbaijan the other night. fascinating stuff, here’s a pic of the wee beasty.


The Big Cat programme on BBC last night was excellent too


Royal Bengal. I think it may have been taken at Ranthambore


Tremendous - I love calligraphy I wish I could be that good


An early example of isochrone mapping – where each band of colour represents one hour of travel time from Paris by rail. Dating from 1882.



Maybe should be in the Twitchers thread, but more appropriate here I think

Tufted Coquette Hummingbird


Do you get many in Shetland?


Probably more than I do in Luton


Nowt more appropriate for AA’s ‘Beautiful Things.’ :grinning:


Was watching this on our local news yesterday. 25 years of work.


Meh - just copying Toyah.:wink:


Beautiful but potentially deadly

Green Bush Viper


Lovely. But needs more green. Or does it live in a green bush ? Or is its … oh, never mind.



It is also known as variable bush viper, leaf viper, and others

I don’t choose the names, I just admire the beauty of the creature :wink:


Also available in…


I suspect the saturation is turned-up in a lot of these pics.



Also, the alternative name of Variable Bush Viper might give another clue