Beautiful Things


New to science then :grinning:

Actually, I wondered if you had them sheared to sell the fleeces? In which case the Suri would be very profitable.


Absolutely no demand whatsoever for their fleeces - I have about a dozen bags of the damn stuff taking-up space in the garage. I literally cannot give it away.

Since I’m not allowed to put the annoying cunts in a curry, they are the most useless livestock known to man.


Get saddles on the fuckers and have the local under 9s round the paddock, £2 a ride. Phoenix Nights style.


Get a poncho and ride around locally fighting crime as ‘mounted neighborhood watch’. You would probably be able to sell the odd interview and do your bit for society.



Seems more like part of this…


Might be viable if Paul was the sort of chap who appears to be made out of four pipe-cleaners twisted together, as in your picture. But in reality, as with many of us, he leans towards the ‘more substantial’. A steed of this type might be needed if he’s to avoid the RSPCA being called



I have an image in my mind that refuses to go.

Perhaps the child rides are better idea.

Why do people keep them anyway? Pets? Protect the sheep from foxes? Perhaps the answer is to put them to use and get some sheep. If Paul had enough ewes you could make cheese.


The farm workers around Lincolnshire are renowned for their willingness to try new things. Can’t you pimp the alpacas out for sex? Offer to dress them up a bit if that helps. All parties would enjoy it & you’d be raking it in. Everyone wins.:+1:


Milk yo way to Money:


“Llama cheese is popular in Peru, and by all accounts has a Brie like appearance but is chalky in texture. Hipsters will lap this like a beef flavored lolly”

  • I have a 17th century milking stool you can borrow. A firm wrist action and a bucket are all that stand between you and cool glory


Not sure Mathew, Mark Luke etc would be into that.


I reckon they’d love it.

Not sure I would want to drink the ‘milk’ though



*Milk and dairy products from underutilized animals such as llama, donkey or yak should be more widely used to counteract high cow milk prices, the United Nations food agency today said urging Governments to invest in programmes

Surely this must stimulate the scumbag within? F U N D I N G - few finer words exist in this day and age.


Dog milk anyone?



Designed by @freefallrob


No doubt with a Wankel engine




Vanessa looking for a new partner?


Only in the natural world could something like this exist

Transparent winged butterfly


Last time I went to Bristol Zoo, these were flitting around the butterfly house.