Beautiful Things


You said it - incredible!


Deep shadows create dramatic contrasts between light and dark in this high-resolution close-up of the martian surface. Recorded on January 24, 2014 by the HiRISE camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, the scene spans about 1.5 kilometers.

From 250 kilometers above the Red Planet the camera is looking down at a sand dune field in a southern highlands crater. Captured when the Sun was about 5 degrees above the local horizon, only the dune crests were caught in full sunlight. A long, cold winter is coming to the southern hemisphere and bright ridges of seasonal frost line the martian dunes.


There is a video on YouTube showing the high res pics from this.

Totally stunning.


It’s quite easy to take all this stuff for granted now but some of the imagery from all the different missions in the last decade alone are staggering.

Love these two from the same Space Shuttle Endeavour launch in May 2011


I was lucky enough to see a night launch of a shuttle. Unforgettable experience.



*Not my photo :wink:


Brilliant but so jealous


Aurora Australis


isn’t that the distant lighting and hallow from a prog gig - if you stare hard enough and tune in your ears, you can just about hear the flutes in your minds ear



Nice wee short film about our possible future space expolration.


It’s mainly Photoshop with Contrast and Colour Saturation turned-up to 11…


Abbey pump rooms in Leicester. Considering it is there to pump sewage and Victorian it is magnificent.


Incredible detail of last years American eclipse with a combination of over 70 images


They did build exceedingly beautiful shit pumps, must be said.



I don’t think Victorians knew how to build anything that wouldn’t last at least 100 years.


Smelling so sweet



Supercell photographed by Camille Seaman


Amdy Ross, creator of the Kelpies, with a new piece.
“The 15ft steel structure of a horse’s head forms the centrepiece of the entrance way to a new hub for staff and students at the university’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.” [BBC].