Beautiful Things



Wineglass Bay Tasmania


Is that the same bloke who did the horse’s head at Glyndebourne?

The sculpture has stuck in my head longer than the opera I went to see.


Rather different in scale.

Nic Fiddian Green - Glyndebourne.

Andy Scott - Kelpies.


Somehow we got from this to Pacers.


Darth Vader’s rail car?


where is that?


National Railway Museum in York.


thought I recognised it. We’ll probably pay another visit when we are back in York at the end of May.



prog album cover? Thunderous Volcanic Flutes



25 D Types being mad again by Jag, following on from the Lightweight E Type and XXK continuation models,


My son took this on his phone camera. It’s way better than any Claire managed with her fancy new phone camera!


Wow, what phone?


LG G3!


Amazing. I am waiting for my delivery of a Motorola G6


I got a g4 and it is a little hit and miss. It doesn’t like rapidly changing light on its screen!!?!


I have a G4 16gb ATM, I like it but the G6 is 64GB and 4GB ram, also can take 128GB card Android 8 etc.


Just trying out a Nokia 5 which appears to be pretty good for the price asked. It also runs latest version of Android. Not tried the camera though.