Beautiful Things



I like their practicality given the wheels.


‘John Douglas, from Head of Muir, captured this dramatic picture of the Kelpies.’


Sam Maloof showing how he builds his chairs, if I won the lottery I would buy one of his rockers.


I’ve watched the first two videos. Fascinating. I’ll watch the rest tonight.

Thanks for posting that!


Watched it all now. He’s very talented, however his use of the band saw is somewhat err, unconventional :laughing:


Sure is, not recommended :slight_smile: but those sculpted arms make the chair stand out from others. Just watched another film on Youtube of him in his old age (worked into his 90s).


…dragging me away from the wild horses, emerging from hibernation soon…


The Arc of Noah rebuilt & opened to the public in Kentucky, USA. The exact measurements as God gave in the Bible.


Love it, apparently god popped some dinosaurs on board too :grinning:



An ancient cubit is considered the length between the elbow of an adult male and the tip of their middle finger…so over 300 cubits given as the length I hope God had long arms to avoid disappointments.


In feet and inches or metres?


Q-bits are always in S.I. units, surely?


VTA looks a bit high



Cracking piccy


That’s massive, no wonder 2 of everything (plus all the food and drink to sustain everything for the best part of 6 weeks) fitted inside.


His website is well worth a look. Does a lot of photography for aviation magazines & the annual flying legends calendar. Hoping his online shop is fixed soon as I am keen on a few to have printed & framed.