Beautiful Things



Paul Klee - The Equilibrist. (1927)

Worth looking at on the MOMA link for better image. Perfect dynamic balance.

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I can only see it as a face and can’t see the tightrope walker no matter how hard I try.


Just looks like lines and shapes to me. A bit like my note book jottings.


Even the VTA’s right.



Trust the Muricans to overdo everything, including Fall. (40 sec video)


fantastic indeed . absolutely love this time of year


I really really want one of these :heart_eyes:


What does it do (apart from being a table-lamp)?


It gobbles up EMI & RFI to make your hifi sound betterer. Everyone knows that Jim.


It does lampy things in a very Flash Gordon stylee :grinning:


It’s wanky tat!


Audio Lab-yahs second tier offerings need a new brand name can we use this?’ ‘Maison Whanki TAT’ has quite a ring to it.


Yet another cracking strap line…


Grand Staircase at Musée Gustave Moreau


I like that it’s a helical staircase with places to pause because the only people who could afford that sort of thing are too old to make it up a staircase in one go.


Line Magnetic LM WE41.2-21 mono blocks

I don’t care what they sound like, I want them :heart_eyes:


All that nonsense about 24 hour leccy to Fair Isle going to your head?

On the other hand peat-cutting would be a thing of the past. :pensive:


Wassily Kandinsky
“Free Curve to the Point”, 1925


Meh !