Beautiful Things









I was looking at this the other night considering getting my oil paint out of the cupboard, amazing how close you can get to the painting from the computer. Broadly speaking Rembrandts early work was quite flat, thin veils of paint with no real weight to the highly lit areas of the face, later work including this one we see the thick layers of lead white in the face which were glazed into. In later self portraits he paints himself as a poor man, almost a failed artist, earlier potraits show him in fine garb, the Master…the later portraits are some if not the only paintings I have ever seen to show such mastery of technique, like golems staring out at you.


Sounds good , recently had to repurpose about 2 foot high of that vellum artist paper one of my rels had accumulated and redistribute oil paints and pastels from them


She did this painting which I think is Glen coe


Aha! That’s what Glencoe might look like in sunlight. :smile:




Just WoW :heart_eyes:





I actually thought that was some kind of coral at first.

Pretty cool!


Oops, a pendant sized blob of Detroit Agate just fell into my shopping basket…


Where from Rob ?


Ebay Mike, there’s loads on Etsy too. But this one had the spangles… It will be about £30 posted, not sure if the customs are interested in old paint…:thinking:

Told the kids that it’s their Christmas present to me. Ellie said, “But I’ve got no money”.

I said “It’s OK, it’s like the presents that Santa leaves for you.”

Ellie is 16, and I’m pretty sure she’s only stopped believing in Father Christmas in the last couple of years… :roll_eyes:


:+1: cheers Rob


No problem mate. There’s some amazing bits of the stuff around.

Now I need to buy a chain…


Exactly my thoughts :+1: