Beautiful Things


Avoid anything that has the word “Corvette” in the description, it’s way more expensive, but it’s just standard GM paint from the Corvette production line. Thank fuck for the Internet, for making me an instant expert.



Stunning shot




It’s an absolute cracker isn’t it




“I’m hungry, I fancy some hummus.”
(Three days later…)
“Yum. Can’t help but think that there might be a faster way though.”


Pressure cooker works very well on that front.


Possibly but not as creatively


:anguished: Don’t let Ritchie hear you blaspheming :grinning:


I didn’t realise @Wayward had such strong views on the cooking of dried chickpeas!


It’s more the avoidance of inconvenience that he take umbrage at.


I don’t cook enough chickpeas to warrant owning a pressure cooker. :grinning:


I’d have thought a slow cooker would be more your style :+1:


In the case of chickpeas for hummus, it’s actually the best way to cook them as far as the end result is concerned.

Chickpea faff FTW!


I use tinned! :rofl:


Even tinned warrant extra cooking for hummus purposes. And preferably for there to be some bicarbonate in the cooking water too.


I use tinned! :rofl:


I find these work adequately for hummus