Beautiful Things


Am I the only cunt who buys it ready made?


To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower…


Lou finished her Christmas cake today.

Well I think it’s beautiful anyway.


That is a lovely bit of work. If I was to level any minor criticism, it would be that Lou has gone overboard on the @Jim s. :wink:


Thanks, I’ll pass that on



Expect a bill from his intellectual property/image rights people imminently.


I’ll pass that on too


Needs cheese. :+1:


Cheese will be consumed as an essential part of the eating ritual.

Extra mature Cheddar, probably.


Crumbly, mind.


It will be whatever Cheddar we have in the fridge.

We can’t all just nip down to Fortnum & Masons when we feel like it.



Excuses, excuses :smiley:


I live on excuses.

Actually, I could go to F & M, just not nip there. I reckon 4 days would cover it. Just.


You’d need a good wadge of cheese for a chance any of it made it back.



Cheddar with christmas cake?

WTF is wrong with people?


Wensleydale works too, Either would work for me.

Just depends on the mood (and the contents of the fridge)


I despair. They may as well close the schools now. They don’t teach anything useful any more.


Eh? Your keyboard appears to be speaking in a strange dialect.


Stilton and Christmas Cake, with a lovely glass of Sloe Gin


Mmmmmm, let me think.

No, not Stilton for me. I love the stuff, but not with xmas cake