Beautiful Things


I’ll see your Phantom and raise to a Lightning. Beautiful in an ugly way. Ok, they could only fly for 5 minutes before refuelling but what an aircraft. Great childhood memories of them low level over the house.


Less becoming more.


George bush delivering pizza !! Nice one George


He missed his true vocation in life…





Where’s that Mark?

Lovely photo.


Redcar Senja in Norway, I believe.


I have a friend who is really keen on astronomy and astro photography. He’s been to this hotel in North Norway a couple of times, where you have rooms with glass ceilings so you can see the northern lights. He’s not actually seen it yet though, sun didn’t play ball. Unfortunate.


Star Trek original series?


Original credit:


I’m tired of records and R2R. It is liberating to be on the cusp of a new musical adventure. To proceed everything will need to be sold including my home. Who cares when you get a Reuge and Celine to play with? (And yes I’ll be aligning those damn screws.)


@spacehopper Wow!

Night Sky thread for more detail



Hel and I planning a visit to the Bonnard exhibition at the Tate Modern, having missed this the last time (20 years ago).


Hmm. The headline is wrong. It’s a rare black leopard.


Buff-tip moth :heart_eyes:



They’ll be back in service post Brexit