Beautiful Things


Chand Baori


Marble Caves in Chile


Wow, what fantastic places !


I’d never heard of Chand Baori - incredible place.


Chand Baori looks like an Escher painting. Wow.


Wassily Kandinsky - Varied Rectangles, 1929




Earthquake proof column?


OMG ! Slide at least one of them back right now ! Otherwise the bloody pin will drop through the floor and the Foucault pendulum will hit the deck !



Ailsa Craig, from Arran. Was used to seeing it from the mainland, so nice to get a different view. ( not my pic).


My mum was from Girvan. Most of my early childhood was spent down there.


Although born in Glasgow, we moved to Ayr when I was five. Friend of mine had a boat in Girvan.


We were almost neighbours. :slight_smile:



This prancing pony is a 200 metre long raised-earth artwork by Mick Petts that was completed over a period of 3 years. The earthwork is a homage to the pit pony, the last of which was retired in 1999. These animals were used to haul containers of coal in underground coal mines, and the locals later dubbed Mick Petts work ‘Sultan’ after a particularly famous local pit pony.

Hengoed, Caerphilly Borough. Not much else there i could recommend.


Quite an undertaking but to be honest when I first looked at it I thought, Why has someone done a dead horse lying on it’s side?
Don’t see the prancing bit at all.
Maybe it is supposed to signify the death of coal mining in the valleys?


Did you ever go to Culzean? Fabulous place.


If so, as a kid, this would be familiar…




Used to visit, along with the obligatory stop on the Electric Brae :slight_smile: