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heal thyself


…and wear more suitable shoes…




Good god we have hit a new low. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


brilliant , you will find it very effective and i have seen it work better than many other products many times

from their site
Flexitol Heel Balm is medically proven to provide relief from dry, cracked skin on heels and feet. (symptoms of foot anhidrosis)

It is a highly effective formulation containing 25% Urea, as well as other skin nourishing ingredients, designed to deeply penetrate into the skin for intense moisturisation and hydration.

It is also suitable for people with diabetes.

“In the winter months, central heating, and cold temperatures can exacerbate cracked heels. The best treatment is one that contains urea, such as Flexitol Heel Balm. It contains 25% urea and is medically proven to hydrate dry, cracked heels.”
Emma Supple, Leading Podiatrist


because if skin cracks it can let in infection , and if you are a diabetic you are very very prone to infection in the feet which can have severe consequences


No idea about feet but my hands crack during cold weather and Snowfire heals them overnight like magic, amazing stuff.


Is it made from yellow snow ?



Hope not.


Ordered last night arrived this morning Amazon Prime, thank you for the info.


yes I just ordered some as well


Diamond chip foot file for hard skin

You should be in control of what you remove and how much pressure is applied so I wouldn’t use any electric products



I guess the vibrating butt plug is out then?


Flexitol Heel Balm contains a powerful 25% urea based ingredient that nourishes the skin

urea is of course found in urine


I did hear once that a cure for athlete’s foot is to pee generously onto your feet while in the shower. The mechanism is that this makes you wash scrupulously between your toes and it’s the washing which eliminates the athlete’s foot fungus. And saves the NHS a few pee.



Now I know why I never got athletes foot…


this is a special manicure


flexitol arrived and applied - seems good. But the cats can’t stop sniffing my feet now


Ha ha