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so the woman that comes and does Louise’s manicure has suggested that my continued use of


on the hard skin on my feet is not a good idea. But she declined to recommend something more appropriate. So can the wisdom of the abattoir recommend something to deal with foot hard skin more gently

Flexitol cream is incredible, lots of folks use it as it has loads of urea in it . I used to prescribe it all the time and it was very effective

are you a quack?

urea? can’t I just soak my feet in piss

You’ve got a shit choice in shoes so piss won’t be too different :grin:


What about one of these, you can use it in the bath then


I suffer from flapjack foot so have just ordered some Flexitol thank you.

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Amputation below the knee :+1: Then you’ll kill two birds by getting rid of the ugly ankles too :grin:


Narelle insists I use one of these…

Scholl Express Pedi. It’s easy to use, remarkably effective and has replaceable rollers.

Now fuck off to Mumsnet or grow a pair :roll_eyes:


Genuine question: why is hard skin on your feet an issue?

I use a Ped Egg grater.

Then ask the kids if they want Parmesan on their pasta.



it has split on my heal and is sore so i asked the manicurist that comes to do Louises feet. We did a lot of walking over the weekend

i told her i used the ryobi palm sander to get rid of hard skin and she recommended some cream



My missus says “Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream”.

yes true

ah that’s the one the manicurist recommended me. :sunglasses:

I would recommend supergluing your crack.





As for your feet, I have no idea.


If your circulation is at all compromised then callouses can become thick enough to compress the underlying tissue and restrict the blood flow in it, especially if you wear snug-fitting shoes.

The best treatment is regular visits to a gentle sylph-like podiatrist who will tend your feet in a soothing manner.