Bel canto 3.5 vbs mark one dac

lovely dac 3.5 vbs which does require a vbs1 or external power supply . very compact dac with vol control so can be used as pre amp if required . selling only to fund speakers

purchased new , birmingham based , boxed , remote , £799 plus pp or collection

review here
The D/A section of the e.One DAC3.5VB is largely the same as the one found in Bel Canto’s e.One DAC3, reviewed by John Atkinson in November 2007. However, the DAC3.5VB’s jitter-rejection circuitry is new. “We use an asynchronous approach to jitter rejection with a free-running low-jitter oscillator located near the DAC itself,” John Stronczer, told me. “There’s a steep 2Hz jitter-rejection filter, so by 10Hz any jitter-derived artifacts are attenuated by more than 20dB (10x), and by 100Hz [by] more than 80dB (10,000x). This process is effective for all digital inputs, no matter the source. Even a very high-jitter source like the [digital output of the] Apple Airport Express can be used for high-performance audio playback, because this way you don’t suffer the typical corruption to dynamics and inner detail that jitter produces.”
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if you need usb capability you can use something like this . i have done so with something like it into a laptop successfully

withdrawn from sale currently