Berger Ferrari


Well done the Police.

Yeah, famous persons £350,000 car gets recovered but…

Police have not solved a single burglary in nearly half the neighbourhoods in England and Wales in the past three years, analysis shows.


I saw that too. Pathetic.

Well Edinburgh police did sod all when my £3000 bike was stolen. Zero follow up, leads or any evidence of attempt to look into it.

It’s easier to just catch people speeding a little bit or riding bikes without lights on them, than actually doing any real work.

Does seem to be a bit of a lottery force to force. Sussex will have an officer attend within 24 hours and CSI within the same time frame too.

In the last two or three months I have had two linked by same offender solved and two out building burglaries (quad bike and electric bike) not solved. But both the unsolved had no cctv, no forensics left, rural locations with nothing else captured by others and no other leads so essentially unsolvable. But still attended and offered security advice and stolen items details taken in case they are ever recovered.

But compared to what we deal with mostly it’s probably 2-3% of what we attend/get called for, plus lower priority than ongoing domestic violence, stabbings, robberies, injury rtc’s, high risk missing people, mental health crisis etc.


That’s the problem, the public want burglaries to be treated as higher priority.

I totally get that, but threat to life has to be treated higher than threat to property. We have days when we can’t cover our grade 1 calls as we simply don’t have enough officers or they are still at grade 1s, so burglaries as grade 2 go down the list.

For example at peak demand last year my area had over 100 outstanding calls on our queue on a daily basis with 15-20 officers a shift to deal with that and the incoming grade1s. Therefore it has to be triaged like A&E. ideal world we would have enough officers like A&E would have enough nurses and doctors to cover every incident as it comes in.

If burglary offenders are still present or only just left the call will go to us as a grade 1 and every officer loves those calls and if free we all get involved, getting them on scene or close means conviction is highly likely.


There needs to be a grown up discussion about funding the Police / NHS / socisl services and education.


Indeed :grin:

Education with an emphasis on spelling :slight_smile: