Berlin long weekend

A while back i asked for some istanbul ideas and the forum came up trumps.
So im off to Berlin for August bank holiday weekend.
Ive always wanted to go but never really knew why. Ive ordered a guide book, but real folks recommendations are the preference.

We aim to stay in berlin so no day trip ideas, just cool things to see and do. The stranger the better.

Over to AA Chalmers…


The Neues (souped up by David Chipperfield) is particularly excellent IMO. Don’t miss the Harry Potter sorting hat

I also like the lipstick and powder compact:

KaDeWe for shopping.

We had an excellent meal in the weinbar here:

Be aware that upstairs is fine dining, downstairs is dining in the wine bar - if you’re going just make sure you’re booked into the one you want :smile:

The Jewish Museum (with Daniel Libeskind extension) is also very good

Book in (booking waay in advance is usually essential) to go up to the top of the Bundestag (Norman Foster)

Or just a troll around the more modern embassies. Various countries got a wee bit competitive about architecture when they suddenly found they needed an embassy in Berlin.

Sorry that’s in rather random order.

Oh yeah, the Neu Nationalgalerie (Mies) is way cool (although some people hate it)

Might be closed - it was undergoing a major refurbishment when I last looked - check before travelling.

Gestapo museum (link below) & Bauhaus museum. There’s also a pretty good science museum there. (German Technology Museum) Get a burger from Burgermeister Worth booking ahead to go up inside the Reichstag. Actually first thing would be the open top bus tour which helps you see where everything is.

Sounds grim but is actually jaw dropping & fascinating.

get the open top bus, great value, hop on hop off as you like. Boat trip is nice as well.

Adlon is a great place to stay, beautiful.


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if you want to splash the cash on food Tim Raue is great as is FACIL

Shame, Reinstoff closed as that was the best IMO

Here is very good, for food sourced in vicinity of Berlin

Local food at reasonable prices Zurletzen Instanz Restaurant

Try a Currywurst

go on a Trabant Safari

There is an amazing dept store with massive food hall/restaurants on the top floor. It is a must visit but cant recall the name - doh - others may know - it is quite famous.

Alexanderplatz region is worth exploring - especially cafes - and there is a corner bar on the main road worth visiting

Do a river trip

And. . . definitely book a tour by Segway - huge fun and a really great company

The dept store is called Ka De We - definite visit!

Oh nearly forgot - the Jewish Memorial, ironically close to the bunker (of AH)

Here is a picture of Mrs Rat (oher half) being instructed on use of segway pre-tour in a safe area.

Thanks all

Narelle now wants to go to Berlin. Maybe a few days in November. We like pork and beer :+1:

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I hear the downstairs part is pretty different.