Best Bit Of Kit By A Particular Manufacturer

What is the best bit of kit by a single manufacturer.

For Krell, I would say the KSA250 is the best in terms of what it was designed to do and price / performance.

You may not like what it does if you have pansy horns with no bass, but with difficult to drive full range manly speakers, it’s first rate.

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I think that the Krell has a valid place in this world, because it made sense with the Apogee speakers. Unlike more recent monster amps, which have no such excuse.

I like Musical Fidelity’s X-RayV3 CDP for playing my Oasis and flute music CDs :+1:


I cannot think of a better device for inflicting Oasis and flutes upon humanity. I can only hope it is not a CD that presents both at the same time. That might trump even the legendary, and thankfully thus far unreleased, Tull and Wakeman LP of Mario Lanza Covers produced by Stock, Aiken and Waterman.

Probably the best thing denon have produced is the dl103, they must have sold millions of them over the years, despite being shit.

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Oh no they’re not…


The Videostar by Ferguson always gave faithful delivery of something, top piece

You are a week or two late with the Widow (T)wankey jokes…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Linn Sondek LP12 - the perfect record player, you just can’t improve on perfection when you get it right first time :+1:

I have owned 7 of them, but have been very unlucky because all of mine sounded a bit crap.


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Why? Is it broken?

As we all know, the 1210 was so much betterer than the 1200 it superseded

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I’m struggling to narrow down the best bit of Amstrad kit as there are so many contenders, but in the end would probably go for the Studio 100 system because it has 4 VU meters.

Oh, and the SL1210 didnt replace the SL1200…

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Ah! The things which dreams are made from :heart_eyes:


Weren’t they just different colours of the same tt?


1200 silver
1210 black

The black one sounds betterererer :+1:

It all depends on the ambient light.