Best chocolate

KitKat Chunky.

God’s own chocolate / biscuit bar.

That is all.

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Anything but dog chocolate.

definately lindt !!!

Whittakers from NZ takes some beating imho

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Mediocre, except for Lindor, which is like crack.


Those double packet Mars Bars :+1:

Oh and when I’m in charge white chocolate will be banned!

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Old Jamaica.


Paging @freefallrob

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Is that still available? Used to like that one.

A topic close to my heart. Cadbury is crap, Galaxy ok but too sweet. Sainsburys own was ok but they seemed to have stopped selling it here. Lindt ok but again too OTT. Even the Lidl effort is better than the main brands. Where can I get a reasonable quality block of milk chocolate that is not too sweet, it beats me? :neutral_face:

Bounty bars

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Dunno. May try and seek some out. Really had a taste for it years ago.

These were my favourites. Not sure if they’re still made.

Some of the Green and Blacks offerings are quite nice.

This from Aldi is lovely


A mate brought me half a dozen bars when he was up here in July. Needless to say they’re gone now.

Frey :heart_eyes:

All you other Swiss chocolates are just imitating :grin:


I like Hotel Chocolat


They’re out of date now surely.