Best format to rip CD's to?


What s best format to rip to?

My aim is to rip all my CD’s and future purchases to a NAS drive and have a go at streaming.


I don’t want to compromise on SQ. (i.e as good as CD or better)

So is it, Flac, lossless, or what?

Also best software to do the rip with on a MAC.



On a Mac, you can use XLD, Free Audio Convertor and Max. There may be others too, I havn’t looked into them for quite a while.

dBPoweramp is also available for MacOS. It’s about £35 but is my favourite.


FLAC (it is lossless, as in free lossless audio codec).

Essentially the PCM data losslessly compressed in an wrapper that allows tagging.

It can be transcoded to other formats if required.

Make sure to make backups.

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As per everyone else, FLAC and dbPoweramp.

Get a good tool to organise your files and fix metadata.

Don’t go anywhere near iTunes, it’s shit.



No, ur mom.


What he said.

Save a copy of everything in two places.

Can the dBpoweramp save to two places at once as it rips?
Just a thought to save copying everything twice.


I think that puddletag is available for Mac. That’s an excellent tagger.

But yeah:
Rip to FLAC
Have an external HD and do backups every week, unplugging it between backups
Dbpoweramp is worth the money, offering quick secure rips and transcoding

Yep FLAC :thumbsup:

If you have a spare PC install vortexbox, it will rip the CD to flac grab all the metadata from tinternet and can then copy it to a NAS, USB drive or shared folder for you.

Getting a 2nd hand pc in the next couple of weeks, will be ripping my cds onto it for the squeezebox.
I bought one for the laptop, but about 30% came out in Chinese.

Is there a decent free service.
Only have a few hundred cds.


is free.

Otherwise dbPoweramp, but when it recently wanted me just to upgrade I think it wanted > £40 :frowning_face:

edit: it looks like the dbPoweramp reference has a free trial for 21 days. You could just rip your CDs really, really fast.

Make sure to tick secure rip and accurate rip in the options.


Thanks, should only take a few days to rip.

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Necro time…

Given the general idiocy of the iPace media player, is there a utility that can take multidisc album rips and then convert them into a single album (i.e. if you had tracks 1-24 on disc 1, disc 2 would turn into track 25 onwards). Can’t spot anything obvious on foobar to do it.