Best integrated amp with htb

having heard a few brilliant integrated amps including the unison primo 90, the leben cs600 and the grandinote shinai . what do folks feel are their best integrated amps with decent remotes and preferably home theatre bypass

vitus integrated seem to be popular but they seem to get sold a bit , . any other integrated amps come to mind of excellence ?


4-7k perhaps

Now for the important question - for what speakers exactly?

currently harbeths but has to be able to cope with potential upgrades like maybe verity audio or magico i future perhaps

its not a huge deal breaker not to have htb as i could get some small wall speakers for av

there is of course the pass int 60 or 150 if anyone has tried , seems to be a lot of love for pass these days but it does not have htb

Just what I thought - no point buying an amp to suit those Harbeths, they’re never gonna sound any better (except out of the door).

It might be easier to choose once you’ve decided what this week’s speakers are going to be :joy:

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What about Nick’s Karan - even if you don’t like it, it’s an absolutely howling bargain, so you’ll not be out of pocket.


Yeah agree with that - stone cold bargain and has remote.

What’s HTB?

One of those really soft pencils that always snap all the time :+1:


Home theatre bypass,might start reading threads properly one day.

It is yet another TLA

There are far too many of them.


translation please ? :grinning:

Yes - Far Too Many - Three Letter Acronyms - For My Liking

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Interesting amp, any good?


yes the shinai is a brilliant amp and of course sold by an AA member . had one here for a while and its not bad at all . not quite so keen on black finish perhaps and its gradually becoming more well known as a brand with some more beautiful integrated amps coming on stream from grandinote .

the harbs shl5plus are only on their second day and already sounding pretty stunning with present pre power combo so probably a pretty stupid idea to think of downsizing !!!