Best MP3 Player (Nano size) for about £100?

Hello chaps.

Maybe, sort of hi-fi, ish question.

I don’t know much about MP3 players, so does anybody know of an iPod Nano size / style MP3 player, that is half decent, for about £ 100 or so ?

Failing that, does anybody have a really good condition (with a good battery), 5th Gen or earlier, iPod Nano kicking around that they want to sell ?

Thanks in advance

I’ve got one in a drawer, doing fuck all.

If it charges up, you can have it gratis. There’s no box or charger with it, but I’ll stick it in the post for you.


That would be legend Mark. Thanks !

If you can let me know if it charges, I’ll PM you my address.

Looks like it’s working OK. Drop me a PM.

Nice one.

Thinking of starting a thread for “best pre-amplifier (M7 size) for £100” … :wink:


Behringer and a hacksaw.

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