Best place to sell a camera?

I’ll probably end up on eBay again, but after an unpleasant run-in with a nutter on there a few weeks ago I’m trying to avoid it at the moment.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the bets place to advertise and sell a camera in the UK?

You know: low fees, low headbanger quotient?

Thanks in advance.

What camera is ir?

Leica Q.

Sorry then Aside from a camera shop such as Ace optics or the Wam I cannot think of any alternatives to Ebay

Leica forum?

PFM has a photography classifieds section.

I have bought from these guys and it was hassle free, never sold to them though.

There a couple of well run UK photog sales groups on Facebook.

Loads of great suggestions - thanks very much folks.

I’d second the Leica Forum.

+1 for Leica forum or London Camera Exchange. MPB good too.

Nice camera, I have one - do you mind me asking why you are selling it?

Thanks, and it is indeed a very nice camera.

I simply don’t use it enough to justify owning it. I fished it out of a cupboard yesterday only to find that it was completely flat. Realised that I hadn’t used it since last September, and that if I do take a picture I just reach for my phone. Out it goes.

Also my eyesight is sufficiently shit these days that the act of taking a photograph with all the concomitant faffing to find the correct glasses etc. actively annoys me.

Oh – get that GLWTS

A private sale would probably give you the best return, but for a hassle free deal try Red Dot Cameras
I’ve a couple of camera friends who highly recommend the shop.

That’s where it came from in the first place, they’re really nice people.

There’s someone on here who sounds interested, but I need to get my act together and think of a price, and fight the usual pitched battle with SWMBO - nothing must ever be bought or sold.

I too would recommend Red Dot.
I’ve dealt (only bought) with them a couple of times.

The Q is a nice camera, but if memory serves me right, it’s a fixed lens.
I’ve got several Leica lenses, and also, I’m limbering up for an M10 :smiley:

Good luck.


Fixed 28 but the Q is really the first digital camera that Leica got right IMO, I’ve had a few cameras and it’s genius.

Whether they can take that innovative thinking/execution forward… I’m not the person to ask.

M10 looks tasty, especially if you have some lenses lying around.

Yes, I thought it was fixed, but yes, nice camera.

I’ve got several M’s to go with those lenses - film and an M9 :smile:

Do start a thread if you get one - bit elitist, like the Porsche thread :wink: might persuade me to part with £££ to get one too.

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