Big Post Christmas Turn Out

Here we go, as mentioned further down I’m after a tasty tonearm and mono cart.

All prices subject to haggling, horse trading, etc :slight_smile:

Thorens TD124 mk2 (sme3012 tonearm) [3500 inc arm]

  • motor spring damping upgrade
  • cork sub platter
  • blue belt
  • urethane “mushroom” suspension
  • Baltic Birch Ply Plinth (Lemon Oil Finish)
  • x3 Armboards 9” SME Ply, 12” SME Ply, 12” SME Audio Classique Acrylic
  • Service & upgrades all done in last 4mths
  • excluding 3012 arm = £2700

Hadcock GH228 [£350]

  • boxed, used
  • rewired
  • has a SME adapter plate (so could go on the td124)

The Signal Transfer Company - Precision Preamplifier

  • ExBBC Transcription Special Order
  • MM/MC Phono
  • Switchable Tone Circuit & Balance
  • Balanced Breakout lead with Input 1,2 & Tape and Out
  • Doug Self laid down an unbeaten challenge for any manufacturer to produce a more accurate preamp.
  • £2500 (offers)

PassLabs Aleph 1.7 clone preamp - £350

Audio Innovations 800 power amp [£ 750]

  • compact x4 el34 tube power amp
  • wonderful mids
  • First amp designed & sold by AudioNotes Peter Quortrup

Pioneer pd95 top of the line CD player [£1800] (skuffed top whilst on demo, client seeing if they can have it refinished, price adjusted)

px/trades available on the above, i’m currently on the look out for a nice 12” arm & a quality mono cartridge.

Also…. (cash sale only below this line)

Marantz 2230 -£600
Thorens td125 mk2 - Signet xk50 arm - £700
Technics SL-QL1 (mint) with new P205CMK3 cart - £600
Sugden Masterclass PA4 Phono - sold
Sugden PDT4 Masterclass CD - £1200
Sugden CD21 - £600
Quad 44 Pre with x2 Monoblock 405 - £800
ClearAudio DC Performance, Clarify arm, virtuoso 2 mm - £sold

drop me a line if you’d like pictures but please don’t waste my time, only ask if you have the funds :slight_smile:

You can upload photos to here directly, it’s not like PFM where you are forced to use a hosting service.





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Honestly my photo library is awash with insane images, if there’s anything that catches your eye (from the list) let me know and I shall photograph it especially for you!

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