Bloke in brown coat mends things

Apparently it’s a dying art, soon to be revealed in a new series on Yesterday

Let’s see where he stands on yellow polys. And cables.


I’ll be watching this :+1:


Never heard of him, is he on any of the forums?

I saw this on the Vintage Radio Repair forum. So far no-one over there has heard of him, and a quick Google doesn’t identify him either. But it may be that it’s a stage name to avoid him getting showered with requests to fix the unfixable or hauled into the controversy over where the balance point between originality and safety should lie. His bench looks plausible so maybe he does fix things, at least for a hobby.

He’s got a bloody brown coat on, what more proof do you need that he is one of Britain’s finest. I can see this becoming a seething pot of resentment and frustration amongst Britain’s Repairman community, strongly worded letters are no doubt being prepared. :slight_smile:

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An endangered species, not least from the efforts of one another :grin:.

Wonder if he can fix any of the broken Dysons we have. They don’t seem to like it up 'em from the Domestic Antipodean. Another hand-held died this week so the stairs aren’t getting vacuumed for the foreseeable future.


It seems From the 1930s to the 1980s is his definition of ‘retro’.

So you and I are in* but I’m afraid it’s very unlikely that your Dysons are.

*Actually I fail the ‘anything with a plug on it’ part of the definition and I’m guessing you do too. I’d be surprised if these counted


That are funny looking cuff links :slight_smile:


I reckon we should pay @Penance to write in with photos (or, better still, pitch up in person) wearing just his plug and demanding a chance to show what ‘fixing’ really means.