Documentary on ch4 at 6 this eve


That was good. Shame they stretched the programme with constant repeats but what a car. Made 1010kph look pretty straightforward. Now to upgrade the wimpy military jet engine with an additional space rocket :sunglasses:

didn’t they run out of cash again in March 2020?

Don’t know. Bit pathetic that all the multi billionaires couldn’t chuck a bit of pocket change at such an amazing project (and yes, I have chipped in a bit) since I’m sure it’s tax deductible

Although I’m interested in the technology required to make this happen and the sheer guts needed to sit in the seat, I cant help but worry that this is going to end badly.

A crash? Always possible but they seem well organised and it looks more safety conscious than previous efforts

Much more likely to run out of money :disappointed:

which I believe it has, or it is very close to. Back in March 2020, it was reported widely it needed an injection on £8m…I don’t see any news it had been raised - I guess CV19 got in the way.

Does it have a driver? I would have thought that there would be no way a person could control it at these speeds.

The driver is an ex RAF pilot, Andy Green. He previously drove Thrust SSC. He has a steering wheel and everything so I would think that he actually does drive it.

Their website doesn’t really clear things up. It mentions the need for funding in March then it’s just the tv stuff, nothing about whether they did or did not raise the money.

The £8M they need is pocket change for quite a few people, James Dyson included, who benefit massively from the STEM interest this kind of project brings.

Frankly, Dyson is a man who could do with a PR boost

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I wonder what the turning circle is…

If you have to ask…

3 point turns would be necessary I’d imagine.

Yep the tv program was to drum up interest for the last £’s they need:

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