Bluetooth headphones for tv listening

Wanted a pair of Bluetooth Headphones for my tv listening. What can you recommend. Must be very comfortable and cover my ears. Long battery life and can be used on a Panasonic 55” tv with Virgin 360 box.

Maybe one for @Tons_of_fun ?

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Do they need to completely isolate you Dave? If not;


After reading your review a couple of weeks ago these sounded ideal for me. However I suffer from Absolutely Flipping Massive Head* and without physically trying a pair on I would be setting myself up for a fall.

I’ve totally failed to find any physical outlets that sell them so I’m hoping to have a look at Munich.

* repeated incidents in hat shops where they ask me my size, I tell them, “Heh heh, Sir is mistaken, let me measure” then a little squeak as it becomes clear that Sir is not mistaken, Sir’s head really is that ridiculously large.

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Let me ask the (lovely) PR man for Armour if Sir might be able to try the sample I have here.


Dave, do you know your TV supports Bluetooth. I thought mine did but it needs a LG dongle of some kind to support it.

Happy to check for you if you have the model number.

I have a Panasonic, but I will check

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A friend has these mainly for gaming but rates them.

think the retail is £100 more - says Bluetooth so I guess they’ll pair with a TV

Yes mine does.

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Haha sounds like we are Head Brothers! By default I always go straight for the absolute largest size possible of any hat/helmet/head-based equipment. And by default it is too small. Always.

It does at least mean that when headphones are reviewed as ridiculously over-sized and heavy, they just sit nicely on me.

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Sorry for being really slow.

If you still have them I’d be good coming to you and buying you a pub* lunch in exchange for a feelz of the headphones.

* relatively close to a train station