Bluetooth speaker up to £250

My good friend is asking for help.

I found the Klipsch and Ruark ones online both around the right price. Does anyone have any experience of these?

What else should they consider?

Our lads have JBL Charge 5 speakers, they are v good, and for £250 you can get 2 and pair them :+1:


As usual I will validate my own choice and impeccable taste by suggesting what I use.

Slightly over budget of course but I am sure thay are cheaper somewhere!
I got mine in a deal at Richer but they don’t seem to do them anymore

Edit £289 here

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I got FoL#1 a JBL Extreme 3, which is bang on £250 (if you pay RRP…)

It’s an utterly ridiculous thing and she absolutely loves it. Loud, waterproof, can be linked to other JBL devices to create a sonic weapon,


I bought a Bose Soundlink mini. My daughter loves it. Very easy to operate. I think it sounds dreadful (bass is bloated) so I would advise against that particular model.

Thanks Peter. I’ve already advised them against Bose :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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I use one as well Rob - it’s an amazing thing.


I also use one of these. Nuts for the money.

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Might be a bit big but I guy sold me a heco bt800 for a bit more than your budget that would be hard to beat if your mate had the room for two speakers in one unit