Bond - Who's next?

Might be OK?

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To old. Too small
Fake news.

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9 yrs younger than Craig. Admittedly 2" shorter. I struggle with the idea of a Cuban heeled Bond - This may be a deal breaker.

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Alan Carr


But 9 years older than Craig was when he filmed Casino Royale. Given the length of time it takes to get stuff out the door these days, he is too old to get an acceptable number of films done. Anyone being scouted for Bond needs to be no older than their mid to late thirties.



Ian Fleming’s image of James Bond


I do like Cillian but he’s very Irish, would he like to play the very Scottish Bond? Anyway it’ll be Timothy Chalamet, as he’s playing every other bloody male role out there :rofl:

May be wrong…

Anyone linked never gets the job. It’s like an unwritten rule. Always a surprise.

And Daniel Craig has talked about how tough the stunts are for an older guy, and the talk is producers want a three or so film deal. Consensus is that’s geared towards a younger candidate.

Always buts and maybes!

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I hadn’t considered the age factor until now, but it makes sense. Somewhat depressing - that @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion and @Stu are out of the running - life can be a sour mistress.

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100% pelvic detonator.

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I’m certain the studios do this now and again to deflect attention from the real shenanigans AND get free publicity.

If it’s purporting to be from those involved it’s likely click bait.

I would like to say I am ‘wounded to the quick’ by this remark, but if I ever had a quick, it is now a slow.

00Schlub would be a different kind of film, mostly him ordering pizza and shouting at the TV. Would watch.



Kind of, with Llamas an Astra and non energetic vengeance

Is that Larry you’re holding? He’s looking well considering.


Henry cavilll would have been my choice, but in reality he’s just too bulky. He’d need to shave off a serious amount of muscle to look believable as Bond.

I liked the idea of Tom Hiddleston too

We don’t need Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch.
Phil Wang talks about Tom Hiddleston Annoyance on Room 101 (