Borrowing a DAC between Chester and Newcastle

Would like to try and borrow a DAC with USB input, and preferably XLR outputs for the last weekend in May (26th-29th).

It’s my sisters wedding and as we’ve actually gone to the trouble of sourcing a serious PA setup I’d really like to be using something slightly better than the internal DAC on my laptop for processing purposes.

I’ll be driving from Wrexham to Newcastle on the Friday and back on the Monday, so if you’re on that route and have something I could borrow, that would be super.

Why bother? Keith told me all Dacs sound the same.


You don’t have to take his word for it though, as heretical as that sounds :scream:

Just realised I can get an optical out from my MacBook, so doesn’t have to be a USB based DAC if that changes anything.