Harold McGee says “Beware of recipes that call for an oven temperature over 180°F/80°C” “To braise or stew tough cuts of meat in a few hours, heat them at 180°F/80°C”. I fancy trying this, but can’t however find any recipes anywhere that cook this low, or any idea of how long it would take to braise chicken thighs in a sauce at this temperature :stuck_out_tongue: Thoughts?

(I don’t cook meat often enough to justify a sous vide- if I did, I would have one already I’m sure :stuck_out_tongue: )

Buy one of @Spider ultrasonic cleaners. Multipurpose utensils.

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Get a thermometer, stick it in the meat you’re cooking and take the meat out of the oven when it hits the required temperature.


Don’t sweat it too much, the liquid makes braising a very forgiving technique as far as overcooking goes